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This book will help bring you into a monumental understanding of obeying the Lord, staying focused on him and seeing dynamic change and transformation in your life if these principles are applied.

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With Over 3 Million Views on YouTube and Social Media Here Are What Some Precious Partners Had To Say:

Thank you so much for your obedience to your calling:). I used this video with one of my clients. My client was diagnosed with cancer but we decree total healing in Yeshua name! Well, 5 minutes into the treatment (Spikenard, Frankincense, Lavender blend of essential oils) of my clients legs and feet….Sound asleep:) I prayed over each leg and made prophetic affirmations softly while the music played. A 1 hour treatment but I allowed my client to sleep for 3 hours. My client woke up with no more pain in his legs. Then he asked me, when did I do treatment on his back? I did not touch his back but I prayed for it. He walked in with severe pain in his legs and back and left my office pain free!! I need a link so I can send my clients to purchase your music. I really like songs with 529hz frequencies, but it is difficult to find worship music that understands the healing power of sound. Keep up the good work!

Felicia West

I have always loved to sing and have been singing in church specifically since age 3.

However it was only after I was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and my world was shattered, and that God was able speak so deeply and powerfully as to say “This illness is just catalyst I will use to bring you on a much more intimate journey with me than ever before! Healing not just in your body, but your mind, soul, heart and spirit from every toxic thing.

As I was going through my chemo sessions, procedures and hospital-stays prior to receiving chemo, and after briefly meeting my oncologist, I was admitted to the cancer wing of UCH hospital, I was drowning in toxic fluid. They proceeded to drain my heart and my right lung. 6 months of intensive chemo followed.

I am humbled and extremely thankful to say that I am healed from cancer!!

During those months leading up to the diagnosis as well as during and now following, God brought healing music, scripture as well as beautiful warriors for Christ, such as Jordan Williams of Kingsworship!!

I am eternally grateful that my Heavenly Father, in His infinite love connected me with this amazing and anointed ministry!

Jordan is such an unbelievably kind, talented, anointed, wise and precious man of God!

Every bit of worship, as well as the Ebook (That was given to me completely free of charge) have been invaluable to me!

Kingsworship has given me greater insight into the true character of God, my identity in Christ as well as practical advice founded upon scripture.

I have found myself going deeper in my personal worship, and am able to connect even more profoundly with The Holy Spirit. I will write and sing the music God created me to share with the world!

To bring healing, transformation, and a deep connection with Him and in turn to glorify the name of Jesus!

I am thrilled to recommend Kingsworship to anyone looking to grow in their walk with Christ, to have breakthrough, to deepen their relationship with Abba father and to have the tools needed to go to the next level in the calling God has for their life!!!!

I guarantee you won’t regret it!!

In His Love,

Laura Storovich

Before Reading this book I had no idea of who am I.? And what a Worthy Worshiper was.? I was struggling in different areas of my life. This book came into my hands just when I became “fed up” with all that was happening to me. As I begin to read more into this book, Fresh NEW Revelation came to my spirit that brought tears to my eyes. I had to thoroughly read through this book, and my understanding of why I was going through this tremendously painful experience was, to “Give Birth” to God’s Divine Purpose for my life. I now have the scriptures that are mentioned in this book to meditate on.
I Thank GOD for “Kings Worship” and this Book “The Worthy Worshiper”…
Get ready to have your own encounter, as the Holy Spirit takes you into depths that you will begin to have Full Restoration into your life.!!!

I found out who I am.!!!

Gemma Williams
Worshiper And President Of Gem’s Image.
Trinidad and Tobago. West Indies.

Gemma Williams

10 Sacred Commitments of the Worthy Worshipper Audiobook

Worthy Worshipper’s E-Book written By Jordan Williams

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10 Sacred Commitments of the Worthy Worshipper Audiobook

Worthy Worshipper’s E-Book written By Jordan Williams

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