King’s Worship Academy

An exclusive online platform that offers format for worshippers and musicians. These online tutorials and lessons will prepare and equip you in using the remarkable gift of sound and music to help usher in the Presence of Spirit and a sound of pure worship.

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This website was created to teach you the art of worship through the remarkable sound of music that will essentially allow each member to enter into the heart of worship. Worshipping from this pure and authentic center will enrich your life and cause you to discover greater dimensions of healing and faith.

Many private schools hold recitals and require yearly fees, whereas you won’t need to worry about that if you’re learning how to play here. Here at King’s Worship, we want discovering how to play piano and other unique instruments online be cost effective, as you don’t have to drive to lessons or pay outrageous private fees that come with learning how to play instruments offline.

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Watch – King’s Worship series of exclusive worship piano lessons which are carefully sequenced to build understanding and ability.

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Practice – Each lesson includes practice instructions and target goals to reach before proceeding to the next lesson.

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